Welcome to Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon

The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon are women of prayer, living in simplicity and sisterly love.

We serve our community through child development and education, lifelong learning, elder care, sacred space for contemplation and retreat, and off-campus outreach and ministry.

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Monthly Reflection on Saints

Each month, the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon share the life story of a saint in “A View from the Dome.” Each saint used his or her unique gifts to serve and to honor God. These stories carry “a message about who we are, whom we admire, and what we value.” During April 2014, we honor St. Benedict the African.

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"Come and See" Retreats!

For those interested in vocations, we host retreats where you can meet the Sisters and discuss what it means to be a Sister.

On April 13 from 1-3 p.m., we ask these important questions: Why should a person discern? And what is your vocation?

Announcing the 2014 VCS Gala

Planning for the 2014 Valley Catholic Gala effort is underway and we hope you will join us for a gala evening on Saturday, April 26, 2014 at the Portland Hillton.

This annual community event celebrates all things Valley Catholic - don't miss this wonderful evening!

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Winning Performance

The Fall 2013|Winter 2014 issue of Spirit magazine is now available.

"Winning Performance" showcases the ways in which members of our campus community strive for excellence and have a profound impact across our region.

2013-2014 Annual Fund

God calls them to serve as teachers, counselors, spiritual leaders and business executives.

The Annual Fund is vital to the success of the Sister’s outreach ministries.

Your gift to the Annual Fund makes their work possible.

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SSMO Foundation Annual Report 2012-2013

Our 2012-2013 Annual Report honors the generosity of those who have supported the sponsored ministries of education, health care and outreach for the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, impacting our campus community for generations to come.

Click on the accompanying image to view an interactive version of our 2012-2013 Annual Report.

If your web browser does not support the interactive version, click here for a PDF version of the annual report and addendum.



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