Dear Families and Friends,

As the Christmas decorations flood our senses at every turn, our spirits are enlivened and our hearts are happy in anticipation of the celebrations ahead. Few, if any, reading this letter have probably ever worried how they would be able to provide gifts for their children or food for the Christmas meal. What we have often experienced at this time of year is an invitation to contribute to a food or toy drive.

In anticipation of a more severe winter than last year, the City of Beaverton is preparing winter shelters. In addition, many church groups are attempting to provide year-round shelter for homeless families. St. Juan Diego parishioners have asked the Sisters to collaborate with them to provide overnight accommodations for four weeks out of the year for 3-5 families (not more than 14 people). We anticipate agreeing to assist St. Juan Diego Parish and the Family Promise of Beaverton organization, which will be attempting to launch their program soon.

The space we will use for accommodating our Family Promise guests this summer will be the classrooms created for our ESOL program during the school year. More details will be included in the next issue of “A View from the Dome.”

May the lights of Christmas remind us of our call to assist those who have fallen on hard times.

Merry Christmas!

Sr. Charlene Herinckx
Superior General