Dear Families and Friends:

Rejoice with us as we thank God for calling a new candidate to our Community. On February 11, Alexa Weight will be welcomed as a postulant (candidate) into our formation program. Alexa has been living with us as a “live-in inquirer” since last fall.

Between now and August 15 – when she would become a novice – Alexa will continue to be integrated into the life and ministry of our Community. Sr. Thuy, our director of initial formation, has been busy arranging for various Sisters to provide input on prayer, SSMO spirituality, and other topics. It seems that Alexa has felt at home since the day she first visited and we certainly feel at home with her.

Again I ask – rejoice with us and continue to join us in praying that more generous young women will be called to join us in our endeavors.

Wishing you many blessings for a holy and blessed Lenten season, which begins this year on February 14.

Sr. Charlene