Many of the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon receive a book with the daily readings for Mass, and for Morning and Evening Prayer. Some of the readings include short biographies.

In 2018, the Sisters are studying the lives of amazing American women.

January 2018 | Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Believing in Jesus is believing in humanity, and that is, I believe, the great challenge of our time.” – Sister Shirley Kolman

Founded in Italy in 1834, the Adorers of the Blood of Christ is a congregation dedicated to serving the poor. In October 1992, five American Sisters – Barbara Ann Muttra, Shirley Kolmer, Mary Joel Kolmer, Agnes Mueller and Kathleen McGuire – were killed in Liberia, where they served those in need despite civil war, brutal governments and violence.

In commemorating their deaths, Pope John Paul II called the Sisters “Martyrs of Charity.”

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