Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway: In her own words

I have always had the desire to be a Sister, even in my youth. We’d play dress up and Mom had made me a religious dress and veil.

I attended a couple of high schools conducted by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Portland. In my sophomore year, I mentioned to one of the Sisters that I wanted to become a Sister. No response.

In my junior year 1946, I became a boarder at St. Mary of the Valley (today known as Valley Catholic). My desire to become a Sister never left me.

In 1948, at the end of my senior year, Mother Collette accepted me into the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Community.

I have celebrated 70 years as a Sister, many of which were spent teaching grade school students in a number of schools. I also spent many years as a principal.

Photo album

We are pleased to share a photo album featuring the ministry – and beautiful nature photography – of Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway.