It is not hard for me to believe in personal miracles when I think of my call to religious life. At the time of my growing up, the family lived on a farm and we had no near neighbors. That meant work, play and social life was mostly done at home. Our parish had religious education on Sunday after Mass. Since I had an older sister, I went to class with her when I was 4 years old. Sister Justina, the teacher, was very patient and allowed me to be in her class, not only for Sunday, but also for the two weeks before First Confession and Holy Communion the following year. I had not yet started first grade and she worked to keep me happy while I was in her classroom.

My disposition is naturally rather reserved and shy, but when I really want to do something, not much will stop me. I learned to love God and the Sisters. By the time I was in the sixth grade, I knew I wanted to be a religious Sister and a teacher. My wise mother told me I’d have to go to boarding school so I could be away from home before entering the convent. No matter how homesick I became, I was determined and persevered. God has been most generous with grace. The privileges of daily Mass and Holy Communion as well as living in the same house where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved have been my strength for 70 years. I enjoyed school, both learning and teaching and, in my retirement, God’s miracles still sustain me daily!

Sister Ruth celebrated her 70th Jubilee in July 2019. You can view photos of the Jubilee celeberation on this link.

A video of the 2019 Jubilee is available on this link.