Sister Ina Marie Nosack

As a fifth grader I heard my first call to work for God and his people. The Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon, who taught me in grade school, were so happy and good to us that I wanted to be like them.

When high school came along and boys became oh-so-interesting, I forgot about my plans to become a Sister. I remember my junior year as being a great one – I excelled in sports; got good grades; went to games with my school friends; and had fun dating. But as that year ended I felt so empty. I thought “there must be more to life!” Then I received a letter from my favorite grade school teacher inviting me to “Come and See” at the convent. God again called.

I have celebrated 63 years as a Sister of St. Mary of Oregon. During that time I taught school, served as a principal, worked as a missionary in the Amazon jungle of Peru, served the Hispanic population in Oregon, and visited and taught in prison. Currently I am teaching English as a Second Language at a local parish as well as serving my community as a driver, baker, and food canning coordinator.

I know that I was able to do these things because of God’s inspiration and my Sisters’ support. I am so grateful I responded to God’s call in the way I did. Are you listening? Is God calling you?