Sister Mary Ann Hathaway


Sister Theresa Hathaway

The Hathaways: God calls in various ways.

Theresa and Mary Ann Hathaway were born in Oklahoma. Both sisters attended John Carroll Grade School in Oklahoma City and St. Theresa’s Grade School in Harrah, Oklahoma.

They first came to Oregon in 1935, returning to Oklahoma in 1936. They came back to Oregon in 1945.

Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway will celebrate her 70th Jubilee in 2018. Sr. Theresa Hathaway will celebrate her 70th Jubilee in 2020.

Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway: In her own words

I have always had the desire to be a Sister, even in my youth. We’d play dress up and Mom had made me a religious dress and veil.

I attended a couple of high schools conducted by the Sisters of the Holy Names in Portland. In my sophomore year, I mentioned to one of the Sisters that I wanted to become a Sister. No response.

In my junior year 1946, I became a boarder at St. Mary of the Valley (today known as Valley Catholic). My desire to become a Sister never left me.

In 1948, at the end of my senior year, Mother Collette accepted me into the Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon Community.

I have celebrated 70 years as a Sister, many of which were spent teaching grade school students in a number of schools. I also spent many years as a principal.

Photo album

We are pleased to share a photo album featuring the ministry – and beautiful nature photography – of Sr. Mary Ann Hathaway.

Sr. Theresa Hathaway: In her own words

Until I was 16, I never had any desire whatsoever to become a Sister. I always dressed up in high heels, jewelry, and long dresses – and I liked boys. I attended grades 6 to 8 at St. Ignatius in Portland and St. Mary of the Valley during my freshman and sophomore years. In 1950, during a January retreat for the girls, I was coming out of chapel in the small hallway and experienced an overwhelming desire to enter the Community!

I talked to Mother Collette about entering and was told that the entrance date was on February 15. I told her, “If you don’t take me now I may lose this desire!” She let me enter on January 15.

I have celebrated 63 years as a Sister during which I filled many jobs: teaching, principal, secretary and librarian and I enjoyed it all.

There is an interesting story concerning Sister Genevieve in relation to our family. In 1935, we lived across the street from St. Stephen’s School, where Sister Genevieve taught. A picture of the First Communion Class features Mary Ann, at age 5, as one of the angels in the front row. Shortly after that, Dad received information that he was needed back on the farm. Mom had grown very fond of Sr. Genevieve, who later served as Mother General. Before we left, Sr. Genevieve told Mom, “You will be back in 10 years.” Lo and behold, we returned to Oregon in 1945!

I think Sr. Genevieve had her eye on Sr. Mary Ann and – who knows – maybe she did see “something” about me too.